Exceed Expectations With The REST API

Josh Pollock - Customizing the WordPress REST API

Exceed Expectations With The REST API

If you are a WordPress developer, you need to learn about the WordPress REST API. This is the new feature that will define working with WordPress in the future. It’s going to become a required tool for building the best WordPress solutions. With it, you’ll exceed your client’s expectations and redefine what they think WordPress can do. That’s why the big sites and enterprise development agencies are already using it.

The future of WordPress is the WordPress REST API, don’t get left behind.

What You Will Learn

Why Learn From Me

I literally wrote the book on the WordPress REST API. In addition to having written more instructional materials on the REST API than anyone, I have contributed to the REST API itself and put it to use in my plugins, and my client sites. In addition, I have presented on the REST API at WordCamps all over the country, and I am conducting two in-person trainings in Pittsburgh, PA and Tallahassee, FL on modern WordPress development using the REST API.

If you know about the WordPress REST API, you probably have read something about it by me. This is your opportunity to learn it directly from me, either by taking my course, or through a private training.

Why Caldera Learn?

There are a ton of getting started with WordPress courses out there, but where can you go to seriously level up your skills? If you want to build big plugins, complicated WordPress-powered apps, or do enterprise development, you need to learn modern WordPress development skills. Today, that means mastering the WordPress REST API, mastering one or more JavaScript frameworks and OOP PHP. That’s what we teach at Caldera Learn — the skills you need to do serious WordPress development.

Learn from Josh Pollock, the lead developer for Caldera Labs — the guy who literally wrote the book on the WordPress REST API — and Roy Sivan, an enterprise WordPress developer and popular WordPress and front-end development educator. Invest in your career and network with others who are serious about building awesome stuff with WordPress.

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