Webinar – Building Better User Interfaces with the REST API & Angular

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Webinar – Building Better User Interfaces with the REST API & Angular

The WordPress REST API combined with a JavaScript MVC framework opens up new possibilities for better, more intuitive interfaces that solve scaling and other challenges. In this workshop we will use AngularJS, the best — because we said so — and the WordPress REST API to create custom applications. First we will walk through creating custom API routes and endpoints to interact with your data, followed by two unique ways to use AngularJS to create better interfaces for your projects. This will include a decoupled front-end and single page web app as a plugin interface.

The Course

Webinar Series Length: 4 weeks
Webinar Session Length: ~2 hours. Roughly 1 hour for lecture, and 1 hour for question and answers
Webinar Dates: Once class is full, we will survey all registrants to determine the most convenient time & day of week for all students.

This 4 week course will be a deep dive into building out an Angular web application with the WordPress REST API. It will include a few sessions on the API, followed by an on-going project built with Angular 2. Each session students will have the ability to ask questions and get help with their project.

Homework will be assigned every week and is expected to be completed by the following week’s session.

WordPress REST API

We will go over the basics of how to really customize the WordPress REST API. From custom response data to customized routes.

We will start with how to get going fast with existing endpoints or to add REST abilities to your custom content. We will then move into adding customized data into the default response(s), great for that post meta data. Finally we will cover both creation of 100% custom routes & endpoints, as well as how to get past CORS issues, authentication, and other common hurdles.

This part of the webinar series will consist of primarily PHP, with little to now JavaScript.


Angular is a JavaScript Framework which Google has put its minds behind. It is currently in version 2 (Angular 2), and we will be utilizing the latest Angular version in building out custom applications for your user interfaces.

We will start with a rudimentary intro to Angular and how it works. This will be a good intro for those who have not played with Angular yet, as well as a refresher who those who may haven’t in a while. We will then cover a few use cases:

  • Decoupled App – A front end app that exists in a completely separate ecosystem from WordPress
  • Dashboard App – A single page app that exists within a WordPress plugin or theme admin/dashboard screen

Why Caldera Learn?

There are a ton of getting started with WordPress courses out there, but where can you go to seriously level up your skills? If you want to build big plugins, complicated WordPress-powered apps, or do enterprise development, you need to learn modern WordPress development skills. Today, that means mastering the WordPress REST API, mastering one or more JavaScript frameworks and OOP PHP. That’s what we teach at Caldera Learn — the skills you need to do serious WordPress development.

Learn from Josh Pollock, the lead developer for Caldera Labs — the guy who literally wrote the book on the WordPress REST API — and Roy Sivan, an enterprise WordPress developer and popular WordPress and front-end development educator. Invest in your career and network with others who are serious about building awesome stuff with WordPress.

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