About Caldera Learn

Mission Statement

Caldera Learn creates content in a variety of formats to help developers learn more about the languages, frameworks, and platforms that they want to use.

Content Types

  • Webinars – These are live sessions spanning 4 weeks (1 session per week). Attendees will be able challenged with homework, get a lecture, and have the ability to ask questions and get one-on-one help. Attendees will get free lifetime access to the webinar recordings so they can come back and refresh their memories.
  • Recorded Courses – Recorded courses are a mix of pre-recorded lectures and recorded webinars which are available on sale and available to view on-demand.
  • Free Series – Free series or videos are pre-recorded videos which usually are 5 minutes or under that introduce something new, or discuss a topic. Most of these will be tied to either recorded courses or future webinars.

Why Caldera Learn?

There are a ton of getting started with WordPress courses out there, but where can you go to seriously level up your skills? If you want to build big plugins, complicated WordPress-powered apps, or do enterprise development, you need to learn modern WordPress development skills. Today, that means mastering the WordPress REST API, mastering one or more JavaScript frameworks and OOP PHP. That’s what we teach at Caldera Learn — the skills you need to do serious WordPress development.

Josh Pollock, the API master

Josh Pollock is the lead developer for Caldera Labs — the guy who literally wrote the book on the WordPress REST API. He is knowledgeable in a wide variety of languages, frameworks, and platforms. While he is known most for JavaScript and the REST API, you can find Josh also working on Laravel projects and using VueJS on his plugins and applications.

Roy Sivan, the JavaScript Guru

Roy Sivan, an enterprise WordPress developer, is a popular with the WordPress front-end. While he is dangerous with OOP PHP, he spends most of his passion time learning and working with the latest JavaScript frameworks.

Why should you spend your time learning with these two?
Because if you want to grow your career, you should invest with those who are serious about building awesome stuff with WordPress.